Let’s Talk About X

I’ve gone through several iterations of this blog in my head, and on-screen, so who knows if this is going to stick.  But, I’ve got a Star Wars podcast coming up with my good friend Paul, and the subject is basically anything and everything Star Wars, and the format is fluid.  Which gave me the idea for this re-launch:  a blog that’s about anything and everything X-Men related.  Any comic.  Any tv series.  Any movie, novel, toy, cosplay, or interview.  This is, for intents and purposes, a love letter to the Mighty Mutants of Marvel.

When I first got into comics, it was the Incredible Hulk that captured my imagination.  Five year old me was a huge fan of the Bixby/Ferrigno TV series.  Later, I would collect Marvel’s Transformers series alongside my Hulk obsession.  Within those pages, I would see ads for the “Mutant Registration Act” and “Fall of the Mutants.”


My interest was piqued, but I never followed up on it.  One day a couple of years later, at a gas station, I spied a giant-sized issue, adorned with a striking Marc Silvestri cover, and emblazoned with the “INFERNO” logo above the slanted, striking “Uncanny X-Men” title.  And the price–a DOLLAR FIFTY?!  It cost twice what a normal issue cost, so it had to be special.


It was 1989, and I was about to fall down the rabbit hole.

Shortly after reading Uncanny #242, I went back to that gas station, and I picked up the related X-Factor #37, and then promptly high-tailed it (well, dragged my mom is probably more accurate) to my LCS to buy the rest of the issues in the Inferno crossover.  A few days later, sick as a dog, I asked my mother to go to the LCS and pick up Uncanny #199.  From there, it was a slippery slope and soon almost all of my collection was mutant-related.  New Mutants, X-Factor, X-Men, new and old, filled my longboxes.

Since that day, through a dry spell in the late 1990’s and again in 2012, my comic book obsession has always been X-Men and X-related.  And I love talking about them.  All of them.

So that’s what I’m going to do.  Whatever strikes me.  Welcome to my X-Blog.  I hope you survive the experience!

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